Paypal claim granted in my favor.

Today at 11:59AM I created a dispute with Paypal regarding the fake Wii controllers, which was immediately escalated to a claim because the seller "is unable to respond." I offered my previous post as evidence and at 5:44PM, not even 6 hours later, Paypal granted the claim in my favor issuing a full refund. I'm very happy with how quickly this was resolved, but a little disappointed to find that eBay has done nothing to revoke this guy's selling privileges. Because of this, many more people will be buying poor-quality fake Wii controllers and probably won't even realize it. I hope my post can at least serve as a warning to those people.

Update: I received this message from the seller, finally responding to my email hours after the claim had already been resolved and I'd received my refund:


Sorry, is there anything wrong with the order?
It is original. Not fake.
Could not it work well? anything we can help you, please contact us.

So there you have it. Not only will these people sell you extremely elaborate fakes, they'll insist that they're legitimate models. Pretty shady stuff. And yet not even 10 minutes after I left negative feedback for this seller he'd already received positive feedback from two other buyers, likely unaware that they've received cheap knockoffs. So PLEASE, DO NOT buy Wii accessories (or electronics in general, really) from sellers based in Hong Kong unless you're ok with getting a fake, or you may end up being forced to file a claim with paypal.



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